Welcome to the Town of Clintwood!

Small Town USA never felt so inviting


Located in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains, Clintwood, VA is a charming town steeped in tradition.


Clintwood, VA is home to more than 1500 people, 672 households, and 426 families. It's the County Seat of Dickenson County, the youngest in the state, hence our famous town motto, "The county seat of Virginia's baby."

Clintwood’s 1.9 square miles offer plenty of activities and adventures for resident families and visitors - from the Ralph Stanley Museum and Jettie Baker Center, to our numerous town parks, nearby campgrounds and recreational areas. 

The Ralph Stanley Museum also features a two-bedroom lodging suite, located on the third floor of the museum. It can be rented as a suite or by the bedroom - click here for more information.



Clintwood, VA is the home turf of musician Ralph Stanley.

In 1948, Clintwood received global publicity for electing an all-female town council.

Pro footballer Justin Hamilton was a star at Clintwood High School.


Population: 1,549
Households: 672
Families: 426
Median Age: 46
Gender: 84.4 males
to every 100 females

GPS Coordinates:

37.150054, -82.456698

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